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Rise & Rose Condos is a premium high-rise development located at 10944 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E4. The project is a condo development with four towers of TBD storeys each, offering 1-3 bed units with ceiling heights from 9’0″. The project is currently in the pre-construction phase, with sales and completion dates yet to be announced. The developer is Greenpark Group, and the architect is Graziani + Corazza Architects. The neighbourhood of Westbrook in Richmond Hill offers a range of amenities such as schools, a library, athletic facilities, hiking trails, and shopping options like big-box stores and restaurants.

Highlights at Rise and Rose Condos

The development offers a range of amenities and is situated in a family-friendly neighbourhood with easy access to major transportation routes. Premium high-rise development Four towers with 1-3 bedroom units Well-connected location in the Westbrook neighbourhood of Richmond Hill Life-enhancing amenities, including fitness centre and rooftop terrace Family-friendly neighbourhood with nearby Richmond Green Built by experienced builder Greenpark Group with thoughtful design by Graziani + Corazza Architects

Luxurious Living Unveiled at Rise & Rose Condos

Picture this: a dynamic intersection where Yonge Street meets Elgin Mills Road East – that's where the Rise & Rose Condos by Greenpark Group call home. Richmond Hill, with its blend of suburban charm and urban convenience, sets the stage for a new era of luxurious living. Let's delve into what makes Burnet Condos a pinnacle of elegance.

Burnet Condos: Where Luxury Meets Community

These condos aren't just bricks and mortar; they're the sculptors of Richmond Hill's evolving skyline. More than a living space, Burnet Condos are a symbol of opulence and a vibrant community where every corner radiates convenience and sophistication.

Seamless Connectivity at Burnet Condos

The Rise & Rose Condos strategically position themselves as the nexus of convenience. With close proximity to Highway 404, Gormley GO Station, and York Region Transit routes, residents enjoy effortless travel. And hold on, there's more – the upcoming Yonge Subway Extension is set to bring the heartbeat of Toronto even closer.

Unveiling the Richmond Hill Experience

Richmond Hill, the third-largest municipality in York Region, is more than just a dot on the map. Over 206,000 residents call it home, attracted by its perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban flair. What’s driving this popularity?

  • A thriving high-tech industry with over 5,000 businesses and 75,000 jobs.
  • A stellar reputation for safety and cleanliness, adding to its residential allure.
  • Proximity to top-notch shopping, dining, healthcare, and expansive green spaces.
  • A plethora of outdoor activities, from hiking trails to swimming facilities.

Why Invest in Rise & Rose Condos?

Prime Location and Growth Potential

Investing in Rise & Rose Condos is like securing a piece of Richmond Hill's beating heart. Located at the crossroads of Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road East, these condos sit in the epicenter of one of Greater Toronto Area's most sought-after regions. The area is not just a residential hub but a thriving high-tech and commercial center, promising substantial growth. Ongoing development projects and a rising population indicate a positive trajectory for property value appreciation. The reputation for safety, cleanliness, and community-focused living further fuels demand in both rental and resale markets.

Exceptional Connectivity and Accessibility

Rise & Rose Condos redefine accessibility. Their strategic proximity to major transportation hubs, including Highway 404 and Gormley GO Station, ensures seamless travel to downtown Toronto and beyond. Add the anticipated Yonge Subway Extension to the mix, and you've got a recipe for unbeatable connectivity. This not only makes daily life a breeze but also boosts the condos' appeal for potential tenants and buyers, potentially translating to higher occupancy rates and investment returns.

Quality and Reputation of the Developer

Choosing Rise & Rose Condos isn't just a property investment; it's a commitment to quality and reliability. The Greenpark Group, with over 55 years of industry expertise and more than 55,000 families trusting them for their homes, is a name synonymous with excellence. Your investment isn't just in a space; it's in a home built to exacting standards, marrying innovative design with superior craftsmanship. The Greenpark reputation not only ensures the visual appeal and longevity of your investment but also attracts discerning buyers and renters seeking luxury and quality in their living spaces.




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